Sunday, 9 October 2011

New BEFFTA Magazine 2011

As BEFFTA awards UK begins it’s 14 day campaign of showing love and discovering the nominees through web-voting, there is a new magazine that the public will be reading to find out more about the talented nominees in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.

The BEFFTA magazine which is an extension of the awards ceremony and BEFFTA TV show will be going live online shortly with the print version available on 22nd October at the red carpet prestigious award ceremony. The award ceremony is committed to promoting and appreciating black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.

Beautiful and extremely talented singer Juliyaa has made it to the first cover of the prestigious magazine. For more information about Juliyaa and her music visit

BEFFTA UK awards 2011 online voting starts on 1st October – 14th October

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