Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Local 26 Year old socialite who owns 200 pairs of shoes

For socialite Pokello Nare heel shoes are not a luxury in a woman’s wardrobe, but they are in fact a necessity. The 26-year-old mother of one owns over 200 pairs of designer heels and believes in fashion particularly shoes and it is her intention to bring it to Zimbabwe.

Her love for shoes has led her to opening a shop named Pokello’s Addicted To Shoes at the Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale. In an interview with the Daily News on Sunday Pokello highlighted that her love for shoes inspired her to open the shoe shop. “Fashion in America and England is always ahead. Even in African countries like South Africa and Nigeria, the trends are always steps ahead of us. I feel that we are too behind as Zimbabwean women and I intend to change that,” she said.
“I am not sure why though but we are behind. We need to up our own standards, get up there and flow with the rest of the women in the world of fashion,” said Pokello. Pokello, a self-confessed shoe addict said she does not own a pair of flat shoes. “It is funny but I do not have a pair of flats. I do not dress for comfort but I dress for show. When I am home, say if I want to go to the grocery store, I pick up whoever’s flat shoes I see at the door,” she said.

She buys seven pairs of shoes each month and says that is a major improvement on her quest to cut back. “I used to buy 10 pairs. I can safely say that I am reducing my shoe buying. I spend about US$5 000 on shoes per month.” She was not embarrassed to admit that she was addicted to buying shoes, stating it as a family thing. “The obsession started when I was young. Growing up, I loved to dress up and of course my mother influenced me. 

Whatever I own, she owns times three. That is why I say it is a family thing. Even my eight year old son loves shoes, he is more into sneakers,” said Pokello. “My style is OTT, Over The Top. I believe that you can tell the character of a woman by her shoes. Shoes show personality and character. I am a diva so I have shoes with spikes, long heels as you can see,” she said. Pokello has been selling shoes for quite some time now and has customers from different walks of life.

“I have bankers, chief executive officers and other top government officials. I realised that if you want to be happy you must do what you like most, I love shoes so selling them is a bonus. My addiction is my passion and my passion is my profession,” she said. When the Daily News on Sunday visited her at her shop which is nearly complete she had neatly arranged her personal shoes on the ground and the ones for sale were on the shelves. 

“These are the only ones I could carry,” she pointed out to over 60 pairs. She said she has over 300 customers and hopes to have the figures rise after the official launch of the shop. “Addicted To Shoes is opening on December 22. It will have a dress section, bar section and there is the hair salon called Ginger T. My intention is to cater for people’s needs in one place. I want people to come, relax and choose the shoes they want in a good environment,” she said. Her shoes range from Christian Loubotin, Red Kiss, Jessica Simpson, Zara and many others. She buys them from London and America. (DailyNews)

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