Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I grew up destitute - Maneta

Big Brother Stargame’s Zimbabwean representative Maneta Mazanhi confided in Ghana’s Keita that she grew up a destitute. Maneta who is an orphan, poured her heart out to the Ghanaian stating that she was treated unfairly by relatives, including sister Teclar.

“When I was still at school, Teclar made me pay rent, it was a bit unfair. My childhood was hard as I moved from one relative to another for a place to stay. At 18 a certain relative threw me out as they were saying they no longer wanted to look after me,” she said.

When contacted for comment Teclar dismissed Maneta claims saying it was just a strategy. “Maneta has been lying most of the times. She is just trying to get people to sympathise with her. It is not true that I made her pay rent, in fact most of the things she says are lies. “At one time she said she was raped, which was a lie. Then there was that argument we had over her boyfriend, she was also lying,” said Teclar.

The actress added that since it is a game her sister was trying to play the viewers. “You know what; there is no authenticity in that game. People do come up with a lot of strategies to gain fans. She is my sister and how could I make her pay rent,” said Teclar.

The first altercation the Mazanhi sisters had was over Teclar’s alleged "sniping" of her sister’s boyfriend. She went ahead to accuse her in front of other housemates and some viewers thought Tecla was in the wrong. This is probably one of the reasons why Teclar was evicted. Teclar and Maneta were sired by the same father but have different mothers. Their father died when Maneta was three years old.

If what Teclar is saying is true, Maneta could be trying to regain followers she had lost due to her arrogance. She has been dubbed by many as an ‘‘airhead’’ with fellow country-mate Roki calling her stupid.

“I hate the fact that you think our people are stupid, our people are not stupid and they do not speak out of tune. At least all of them are intelligent. “What were you studying again, what did you take a break from before you came here, stupidity? The way you are acting stupid and bad-mouthing people makes me wonder if that is the way people are,” said Roki in reference to Maneta’s behaviour.

The Bulawayo beauty has been under fire from all audiences across the Big Brother viewership. Some were baying for her blood and even on the social network platform forming the“Taneta naManeta” campaign. She survived eviction three weeks ago which saw Zambia’s Mampi being sent back home.

Could Maneta be using this as a strategy to lure back people who had fallen in love with her beauty?
People have castigated her over her relationship with Roki, saying she is unpatriotic. They are often seen trading insults with Maneta constantly undermining Roki and the country in general. She has referred to him as a high school dropout.

So far 16 housemates have gone back home, with some being properly evicted, disqualified and voluntary exit.

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