Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Zimbabweans in Canada producing high quality movies

It has been a long time coming, but this month saw the first trailer release by Zimbabweans in Canada, under the moniker of Mirazvo production. The short movie, titled "The Earring" has set the youtube ablaze with enthusiasm.

It has gannered over a thousand views in it's first week. Other social network websites have been bombarded by chatter as Zimbabweans from all corners of the world have bestowed accolades to the first time Director, Michael Zemura, and the surprisingly refreshing cast led by Ntokozo Zoe Nare, Kennedy Bumhira, Shishi she, and Forbes Goredema, Watch the trailer below:

The suspenseful family drama centres around a new couple dealing with marital issues, but the twists and turns will sure leave you wanting more. The story addresses the social ills bestowed upon young couples by the pressures of life in the diaspora.

What is more breathtaking is the quality of production, a true departure from the ad hoc African type movies we have gotten used to. The picture quality is full HD and the sound pristine, something Mirazvo has been known for in their past co-productions.

It is hard to believe that the cast is made entirely of Zimbabwean newcomers, who shine in their starring and supporting roles. We can only hope and wait that they will give us more from their stable, and continue to raise the Zimbabwean flag high up! Visit MiarzvoFilms' Facebook Page:

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