Sunday, 15 July 2012

I had a revelation from God - Tatenda Taibu

Tatenda Taibu says he quit playing cricket when he had a revelation from God. “When something is revealed in your heart, there is no way you can stop it. It came to me as a revelation that I should serve Christ full-time. I had plans to go to the T20 World Cup in September, but once it was revealed to me that I should serve Jesus Christ, there was no going back. “I do not want to hold any position and I am just an ordinary member of the Eagle Eye Tabernacle.”
Tatenda Taibu
He said he could not have served the Lord while playing the game as well because he wanted to give full- time commitment to God. He says he does not see himself playing cricket again.

 “I do not see that happening because religion and my family now come first. I appreciate that Zimbabwe Cricket gave me close to 12 years to serve my country, but now it is the time to serve God for the rest of my life.”

Plans he had to start an academy are now gone. “I could not get the drive to get it started and I feel it was because of the calling from the Lord. I can now understand why I did not have the power to start it and am glad.”

He says he will teach young people about God “ I will plough back to the community by selling the word of Jesus Christ . If I teach them cricket and they become successful without them knowing about the Lord, I would not have helped them.”

Tatenda was evasive on whether he would allow his children Tatenda Jnr (6) and 11-months-old Gershom Paul) to play any sport? He said : “ I will only teach them about the word of God. I would not want them to become idols as has been my case. When people see Tatenda Taibu, they see a hero who should be emulated instead of Jesus Christ who died for them. What good will it do to make money and lose eternal life? That is the reason I retired from the game.”

He would not say how much he earned from the game but said “ as for how I will survive, God will provide.” Tatendas is renting out part of his mansion, filled up the swimming pool with sand and no longer watches television. He said “such things take one’s time for prayer.” Standard

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