Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It was just a game says Maneta

Maneta and Roki
SHE has been ridiculed, called names, accused of lack of patriotism and dismissed as the "enemy of the State". However, Maneta Mazanhi has revealed that she will not allow anyone to deter her from living her life.

The disqualified Big Brother participant took a swipe at her critics and said that contrary to the perception she is a different person altogether to the one she portrayed in the reality show. The University of South Africa student was disqualified from Big Brother Star Game after she had an altercation with the other Zimbabwe representative, Rockford "Roki" Josphats.

Some fans have fingered Maneta as the cause of the elimination of Roki, who was seen as a favourite to win the show. However, in an interview with Sunday Leisure on the sidelines of her welcome party at a local night spot, Maneta said it was wrong for people to be misled into believing that her character in the house represented her true personality.

"The truth is there was US$300 000 on offer and honestly one had to come up with a strategy to win that amount, so I'd confidently say the Maneta who was in the house is not the Maneta in the outside world. "I know that most people have been critical towards my participation but I feel it is unfair because anyone could have behaved like I did when faced with all that money. It was all about Africa loving and voting for you," said Maneta.

Maneta revealed that her feud with Roki was now water under the bridge and said aside from the disqualification she had no regrets whatsoever about her play-acting and interactions in the house. She said people should not take to heart what happened in the house as it was all a show.

"What I should emphasise is that life has to go on after the show. We cannot be continously talking of what happened - we simple have to move on. I personally have, so the rest of the nation must now follow suit.

"What people should realise is that I am a proud Zimbabwean and I won't by any time look down upon my country. In that house I was not representing Bulawayo but was out there raising the Zimbabwean flag high," she said.

Turning to her future endeavours Maneta said while she was not in a position to reveal her plans yet, she had received a number of offers. "A number of offers have indeed come my way and I will be surely making an announcement with regards to my future endeavours. All I can say is that interesting offers are coming my way.

"Regardless of all that has been said concerning my participation in Big Brother, I am so grateful to the doors of opportunities that are opening. I also learnt a lot in that house. Lessons I will proudly carry with me right through my life," said Maneta

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