Friday, 13 July 2012

I am not dating Suluman - Maneta

Ousted Big Brother contestant, Maneta Mazanhi has rubbished reports that she is dating Sulumani Chimbetu. As she took a bow on Twitter this week, Maneta said : “These newspapers Lie! Im Not dating Sulu Chimbetu, i've neva Even Met e Guy! Im single nd im totally not searchin, H-Metro Must research 1st.”

Maneta has also previously denied dating a well known businessman but said in interviews with local media that she was dating a guy she would not name. But in her tweets she said she was single.

In one tweet she drools over some guy she met “Jus met a hot guy!!! His wife was also next to him.... @ this rate, i myt Jus die alone!!”

As she took to Twitter some Zimbabweans mocked and taunted her. But she shot back saying “Haters r so funny. The more you hate, the more ppl talk about me, the more ppl think about me nd I become more famous *mission accomplished*”

“dude u can say wat u want but don't say anything about my mum. Let her soul RIP,” she said in another tweet. Tonight, Maneta is making an appearance at the City Sports Bar which is hosting Roki’s first gig. Roki and friends will perform with a live band.

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