Sunday, 15 July 2012

Iyasa embarks on a long European tour

DAZZLING Zimbabwean multi-award winning dance group, Inkululeko Yabatsha Arts School, (Iyasa), who have been on a long tour in Europe for four months now are scheduled to conclude the expedition in Montenegro.

Iyasa has held European tours since 2002 and are presently based in Vienna, Austria. The founder and director of the group Nkululeko Innocent Dube said the group's flirtation with Europe for over the past decade has been fruitful and felt that it was their mandate to uplift the country's arts standards.

"We have been doing shows in Austria and neighbouring countries. We are also aiming at uplifting our country's arts standards high, and we are doing our level best and a lot of people seem to be appreciating our work", he said.

He also mentioned that the group was aiming on gaining mileage across the globe and to be awarded with several international awards.

"I am impressed with the support we have been getting from the Europeans. I don't see us failing to land the best award in the arts industry worldwide with our authentic performances and collaborations, he said.

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